Promise Rings

There are many types of promise rings. They all are used to seal a promise. The exact meaning is determined by the giver and receiver.

Promise Rings:

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3 Meanings of Promise Rings

The most popular way a promise ring is used is as a "pre-engagement" ring. Though not always used, a promise ring may be given as a symbol of the couple's longterm commitment to each other without an exact marriage date. It is given when both partners form the intention of getting married but have not gotten engagement rings. As such it is worn on the same finger as an engagement ring but is usually temporary.

Promise rings are also sometimes used as a promise to not have sexual relations until marriage. Basically this is a promise of celibacy. It is given between friends or from a parent to their daughter.

The third way promise rings are used is as a token to seal a promise. Usually this is to say that they will be friends no matter what or a similar sentiment but may vary.

Types of Promise Rings

Promise rings can be a simple band or include a stone. Birthstone promise rings are very popular. It is a great way to personalize your promise or to give it an extra meaning. Find your ring easily from our birthstone ring page.

Buying Advice

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Most of all enjoy your promise ring and all it represents. Whatever your promise, use the ring on your finger to help the promise grow stronger. Know that promise rings have meaning and love behind them.

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