Ring Buying Tips

Getting the Best Ring for You

Getting a ring that fits you, fits your lifestyle, and looks great helps you get a ring that you will enjoy and wear often. Certain rings will naturally look better on your hand. Use these tips to find a ring that suits you perfectly.

  1. Ring Band Size

    Picking a band to enhance your hands is easy. Generally, a wide ring band looks better on long fingers and a narrow ring band is more desireable on shorter fingers.

    When choosing the band, length adds length, width adds width. A band that is too narrow may disappear on a large-boned, wide hand. Consider a medium-width band with an interesting inset design.

  2. Setting

    If you are really active (such as sports), you want to make sure your rings will not catch on things. Often this means very smooth rings or channel rings. Alternately, you will want to be in the habit of taking your rings off before sports.

  3. Shape

    If you are choosing a ring with a motif or gemstone, be aware of the shape. If you have shorter fingers, choose a design with diagonal or vertical lines.

    An elongated stone (such as marquise or oval) will make shorter fingers seem longer. Round or square stones work great for people with long fingers. Our favorite is heart shaped.

  4. Perfect Fit

    As each finger is often a different size (and changes depending on the hand!), make sure you get a ring that fits perfectly on the finger you want to wear it. It should go on comfortable and not slide off unintentionally.

    If you accidently try on a ring that is too small, applying lubricant such as oil or soap to your hands will often help. Basically you are trying to get your hands to be slippery so the ring will slide off easier. You then gently twist the ring upwards.

    Another method to remove tight rings is to get hands colder (shrink hand) or make metal in ring hotter (expand ring). This is less comfortable, but holding your hand over your head with ice to reduce swelling can help. If your doctor allows it, take asprin or tylenol as well.

  5. Durability

    One always wants to get a ring that lasts. Use our Ring Quality Guide to Determine If A Ring High Quality. It will help you get the best value for your money.

  6. Colors

    If you are getting a ring with colors, you may wish to choose the color according to the colors you wear most. This way your ring will match more of your outfits. See our Gemstones By Color chart to help you decide.

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Measuring a ring that already fits is one of the best ways to get a ring size. You can either measure the ring or have a jeweler measure it. Alternately, if you are using a ring sizer, be sure to use it at the end of the day when your hands are not cold to get the most accurate size. When measuring ring size, the sizer should always easily slide over the knuckle. Feel free to use our Free Ring Sizer to measure yourself or your rings.