Silver Rings

Silver rings are always striking and memorable. Whether created as a large, informal band or an elaborate decorative element, Silver Rings have been centerpieces in art and fashion throughout the ages. An elaborate or overly large ring is often associated with a person of flashy style, while more delicate choices are often seen as more reserved.

Silver Rings can be casual or elegant, depending on the outfit and the occasion. The same Silver Ring could be so versatile that it is as ideal with a ball gown as with jeans and a sweatshirt. Perhaps the adornments applied to the Silver Ring can provide a guide as to what is appropriate for the day's fashion.

Silver Rings:

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Other types of Silver Jewelry

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Some Silver Rings contain real or created gemstones, pearls, Marcasite or turquoise. Diamonds, for example, have always been one of the most durable and complementary gems used with silver. Plus, diamond or Cubic Zirconia rings can be worn with many different fashion styles, and for many different social events.

How to Keep Your Silver Jewelry Shiny and Bright

Silver jewelry tarnishes due to oxidation, so making certain you take care of your silver rings is a must. Here are many silver jewelry care guidelines.

    Avoid Chemicals

  • Remove silver rings before any task that involves chemicals. This includes: swimming, washing dishes & clothes, applying makeup, spraying perfume, using hairspray, gardening, and car maintenance.

  • An easy rule to remember: jewelry goes on last and comes off first. This way you will not apply makeup or remove makeup while you are wearing your jewelry.

    How to Store Silver

  • Wiping your silver jewelry with a 100% cotton cloth before storing helps keep your silver jewelry looking beautiful

  • Storing your jewelry in air tight bags (such as a ziplock bag that is tightly sealed without air) prevents tarnishing. Antitarnish paper in those baggies helps even more.

  • To prevent scratching or tangling of jewelry, always store pieces separately.

  • How to Clean Silver

  • For maintenance cleaning, avoid water unless absolutely necessary. The regular cotton cloth is often adequate if used regularly. If it is not, Use a "Sunshine Cloth" for after every use to enhance silver's beautiful shine.

  • For more intensive silver cleaning, if needed, be aware of the other components of the jewelry besides the silver itself. That is, many gemstones can not be cleaned in water and/or will be damaged by chemicals.

  • The least damaging method for cleaning silver jewelry (without other components) is using hot water, baking soda, and aluminum foil placed in a glass dish. Place the foil at the bottom of the glass dish. Then put your silver jewelry directly on the foil. (The silver must be touching the foil itself.) In a separate container, throughly mix 1 quart of very hot water and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Slowly pour this baking soda water over your silver jewelry in the glass dish. Often you will see results in moments. Badly tarnished pieces may take a few minutes.

With proper care, your silver rings should always be beautiful.