Toe Rings

Toe rings aren't just for the beach anymore. Wear this fun foot jewelry everywhere. Anytime you wear an open toed shoe, consider wearing toe rings to express yourself. I find I often get compliments when wearing toes rings - hopefully, you will too!

Toe Rings can be casual or elegant, depending on the outfit and the occasion. So choose one that expresses what you want to say. See below for our tips on picking out toes rings.

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Simple Tips for Choosing a Toe Ring

  • Comfort
    As being able to walk comfortably is important, we recommend getting an adjustable toe ring as they often fit your feet better. As there is a huge selection available now, this is quite easy.

  • Fitting in Your Shoes
    Unless you will ONLY wear your toe rings while barefoot or in sandals, you may wish to avoid getting toe rings with large stones or rough edges. This will allow you to wear them under stockings or socks once in a while when the need arises.

  • Thin or Wide?
    Shorter toes often look better with a thinner toe ring band; longer toes appear nicer with a wider toe ring band.

  • Metal Type
    Gold toe rings feel very rich. You can feel like a princess with a gold toe ring. However, they are more expensive. Silver tends to tarnish easily but is less expensive.

  • Patterns
    Getting a toe ring with a pattern you love will make all the difference. You will wear it more and really have a great experience.

If you are NOT getting an adjustable toe ring, be sure to measure the exact toe you want to put the ring on first. When measuring ring size, the sizer should easily slide over your toe "knuckles". Feel free to use our Free Toe Ring Sizer to measure yourself or your rings.