Unique Engagement Rings

What Makes A Unique Engagement Ring

A unique engagement ring is any ring that is not of the traditional engagement ring style. While many bride and grooms to be are happy to follow tradition and wear the same rings as their mother and grandmother wore, many couples today like to express their individuality by looking for a unique engagement ring. They want a ring that no other person will have.

Unique Engagement Rings:

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Things To Look For When Buying Unique Engagement Rings

One thing you can do is 'borrow' a style from other cultures. All this takes is a little research and hunting through Jewelry Mall. Of course, talking to your sweetie is highly recommended!

Celtic rings make unique engagement rings. These are taken from the traditions of Britain and Ireland, and are usually metal, either gold or silver, with specific cut out patterns that represent different things. These can be Celtic knots or other designs. The knot represents a continuous design and signifies the couples unending love and commitment to each other.

Another way of making a ring unique is by either choosing a colored diamond or a different stone as the focal point of your engagement ring. Though diamonds symbolize everlasting love, many stones symbolize love, faithfulness, or loyalty. Of course, you will want to be certain to choose a stone that will withstand daily wear. Avoid opal, turquoise and malachite as they are too easily damaged in a ring. You will want to check your stone of choice in our gemstone section for specific care tips. Gemstone lore information can be found there as well.

Some couples prefer to go with a more traditional ring, and if you are buying the ring alone, so that you have it when you propose to your prospective bride, then you may feel that this is a safer option. However, it is still possible to get something that is more traditional, yet still different from the norm.

Unique engagement rings do not have to be 'way out'. Know that using different metals that will give a traditional ring a more unique look. Some ideas may include using platinum, white gold, or a rose gold. You do not have to have a traditional diamond setting. You can even consider using your prospective financés birthstone as you are delighted she was born. Have a wonderful time being creative.