Wedding Bands

Wedding bands symbolize the love and commitment a couple has for each other. Often, they are engraved with a special love-filled message for the couple. Sometimes wedding bands have the eternity symbol to denote the commitment the couple has for one another.

Wedding bands, as the name denotes are simpler rings. They rarely have stones - or if they do, they are channel set. One wants wedding bands that are durable, long lasting and beautiful as they are hopefully worn for the rest of ones life.

Wedding Bands:

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How Does One Wear a Wedding Band

Often people wonder how to wear a wedding band while also wearing their engagement ring. Usually the wedding band is placed on the outside, that is towards the nail. There are several reasons for this. The wedding band keeps the first commitment ring closer to your heart. Also, a wedding band generally does not have a raised stone, so it will be able to keep the ring with the more expensive stone from getting lost. Finally, as it usually doesn't have a raised stone, it won't get caught on things as much.

Wedding Band Purchasing Tips

Wedding bands can be as expensive or inexpensive as you desire. We recommend using a quality metal as you would like the ring to last forever. Relative simplicity for a wedding band is often advised for those who don't take off rings during household tasks or playing sports.

One needs to be careful when making large purchases and wedding jewelry often fits in that category. Our Commonly Asked Wedding Ring Questions can help you make an informed decision by answering questions like: "What are good diamond alternatives?" as well as how to judge ring quality. Also, read our Wedding FAQ for some general wedding help.

When researching a diamond, our Diamond Buying Guide shows you how to NOT pay too much by knowing how to compare diamonds.

Now is a wonderful time to begin lifelong habits to strengthen your relationship. Our favorite advice is to speak lovingly about each other when together and apart. Often, that simple habit builds a relationship soundly. When you add in the habit of NOT nagging, the relationship blossoms.

You or your jeweler can measure your ring size if needed. If you use a ring sizer, measure your size when your hands are warm at the end of the day to obtain an accurate size. When determining ring size, the sizer should nicely slide over your knuckle. Enjoy using our Free Ring Sizer if needed.