Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have been exchanged for centuries as the fulfillment of that pledge and lives are joined forever. The wedding ring, being a never-ending circle, is known worldwide as an extension of the wedding vows and everlasting commitment. The circular ring is seen universally as an endless progression through time that links families and generations.

Traditionally, the groom pays for the bride's engagement ring and wedding band. Often, the bride is involved in picking out her wedding set. The bride generally pays for the groom's wedding ring, again, with him playing a role in choosing his style.

Wedding Rings:

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Tips for Choosing Your Ring

To choose a diamond ring for your important event, make sure of the diamond's clarity. The clarity measures the internal defects which is known as inclusions. Those are the imperfections when made such as dark spots or a tiny crack that has a whitish or cloudy look.

Diamond color should be free from chemical or structural imperfections as well. Most people prefer wedding rings that are transparent without off white or grayish hues.

There are certain types of diamond cuts which refer to its shape. Among them are the square, pear, or heart. The round shape is known to be the most brilliant of all diamond shapes. Yet, when referring to cut when talking about diamonds, jewelers are mesuring the protions of a diamond. Any diamond that has a too shallow or a too deep cut will have a poor brilliance.

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Ring Size

You or a jeweler can measure your ring size. If you use a ring sizer, use it late in the day when your hands are not cold to get the most accurate size. When measuring ring size, the sizer should easily slide over the knuckle. Feel free to use our Free Ring Sizer to measure yourself or your rings.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

When getting married, communication is key. Sometimes, there are traditional wedding rings that you love or others you would rather not wear. Discover what works for you and tell it to your partner.

As these rings will be worn for the rest of your life, be certain you like how they look, how they fit, and how comfortable they are. They are symbols of love that lasts.

Gifts For Your Wedding Party

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