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Wedding Anniversary Gifts with Jewelry and Gemstones

Wedding anniversaries are very special times. Here are some general guidelines (from the traditional anniversary gemstone and jewelry chart) to help show your love and appreciation. If you can't find something you like here, remember that a beautiful diamond or pearl necklace is a gift that will always be treasured. For more ideas, see our Anniversary Rings, Sweetheart Jewelry and our Wedding pages.
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Year Anniversary Jewelry Gifts
1Fresh Water Pearl, Gold Jewelry
2Rose Quartz, Garnet
3Crystal, Pearl
4Amethyst, Topaz
5Turquoise, Sapphire
6Garnet, Amethyst
7Lapis Lazuli, Copper, Onyx
8Aventurine, Bronze, Multi-colored Tourmaline
9Tiger Eye, Leather, Lapis Lazuli
10Black Onyx, Diamond Jewelry
11Hematite, Fashion Jewelry, Turquoise
12Pearl, Color Gems, Agate, Jade
13Malachite, Citrine, Moonstone
14Ivory, Gold, Jewelry, Moss Agate, Opal
15Watch, Crystal, Ruby
16Aquamarine, Peridot
17Citrine, Amethyst
19Topaz, Aquamarine
20Platinum, Emerald
22Spinel (all colors)
23Sapphire, Imperial Topaz
25Sterling Silver
30Pearl, Diamond, Jade
35Coral, Jade, Emerald
45Sapphire, Alexandrite
55Emerald, Alexandrite
65Star Sapphire

Traditions may vary from region to region.

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Anniversary Ideas

Celebrate your love in a way that will be meaningful to you. Planning it together gives you more bonding time. Spend time and love together. Follow our sweetheart tips on our Romantic Jewelry page for having a more loving relationship. Here are reminders of ways to celebrate:

  • Beautiful jewelry - giving somethng that will be remembered and worn every day. Giving this gift over a candle lit dinner is extremely romantic and rememorable
  • Anniversary party - celebrating your love can help make your anniversary special and shared with friends and relatives.
  • Romantic getaway - Sometimes a special trip will enable you to re-experience your honeymoon!