Halloween Jewelry

Halloween jewelry can be spooky, creeepy, ghostly, and spirited. Delight in celebrating this holiday in your own special way whether it is a simple jack-o-latern charm, a 14k gold ghost pendant, and/or skull earrings. All of these and more make unique gifts that any witch or ghost is sure to remember.

Halloween Jewelry

Halloween Jewelry:

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Halloween Tips

  • If you are going to wear a costume all day, make it as comfortable as possible (get non-itch makeup, if it has scratchy fabric wear a barrier, etc)

  • Wearing a witch hat, halloween jewelry and makeup can be a great way to go to work on halloween.

  • Go out in a group, it is both more fun and safer.

  • Give out sealed candy when possible.

  • Colored lightbulbs can make things that extra bit scarier for a reasonable price.

  • Children trick-or-treating in the dark need to be visible to vehicles. Skipping unlit paths is recommended.

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Halloween Gifts

  • Spooky Eye Gum Balls - a tasty, scary bubble gum treat for you and your friends on halloween. (They look pretty real with blood vessels and all)

  • Electronic Spider - add a spider by your door to scare youngsters. Give your guests a scare at parties.

  • Spider Web Platter - Perfect for partys and get-togethers - this spider web design platter is sure to add that special touch.

Halloween Jewelry