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Pumpkin Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a fun jack-o-latern charm for Halloween or pumpkin earrings for Thanksgiving, pumpkin jewelry is a great fashion statement and quite fun! Pumpkin jewelry can be worn year round - but the best times are in October and November.

Pumpkin Jewelry

Pumpkin Jewelry and Watches:

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Halloween Jewelry

Pumpkin Symbolism

Though no one really knows why pumpkins are so popular for Halloween or Thanksgiving, we like to think it represents the bounty of the earth. Pumpkins are bright and beautiful (as well as very nutritious). Whether it was used to feed ghosts or symbolize life we aren't sure. Still it is definitely used as part of Thanksgiving as well, so we are hoping it is for the goodness and gratitude of all. Thinking of pumpkins like this, makes wearing pumpkin earrings or a jack-o-lantern watch that much more fun.

About Pumpkins and Associated Sayings For Your Gifts

  • Pumpkins can be smaller than a pound .. to over 1000 pounds! I love you at any size.

  • Though there are many ways to create a jack-o-lantern, I like to see mine smile ... cause you make me smile!

  • Both pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are favorite foods for many. You are very dynamic and I love evrything about you.

  • In the US, pumpkins are most commonly grown in Illinois. What a great place to be from! [Or: Want to go to Chicago with me?]