Gratitude Jewelry

Often we want to show our appreciation. Whether it is because someone went the extra mile for you or that you are currently counting your blessings on Thanksgiving, gratitude jewelry lets the world know that you appreciate the kindnesses around you.

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Gratitude Tips


  • Saying "Thank You" really helps one feel appreciated
  • Praise and respect work wonders


  • Offer to help others - especially people who help you
  • Smiles actually help
  • Be kind


  • A simple card often suffices
  • Homemade treats and crafts are often welcomed
  • Gifts of time go a long way

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Gratitude Poem

    Thank You

    Thanks for being there
    I appreciate that you care

    You helped me when I was down
    You created a smile from a frown

    You brighten my day
    Thanks to your help, I'm okay