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Whether you play sports or simply enjoy watching sports, sports jewelry lets you feel part of the team. You get to show your support and cheer on to victory.

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Jewelry worn by sports players for pain relief: Phiten Necklace

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Phiten Jewelry is worn by many celebraties to reduce pain and discomfort. It is made of a special process using Titanium which many sports players find relieves them of the aches and pains caused by their sports. Though we don't know if it is simply a placebo effect or if it actually works, we do know they most likely wouldn't wear these necklaces unless they worked for them.

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Sports Sayings and Quotes (to add to your gift)

  • You're in a league all your own.
  • I'm your number one fan.
  • May this present make you an all-star.
  • Sport your best look today.
  • Hope for a winning season.
  • You're my team captain.
  • May this present be a winner.
  • Play by your own rules.
  • You are my champion!
  • "Sports do not build character. They reveal it." - Heywood Broun
  • "Just like music, sports elevates us to new levels of achievement." - Randy Castillo
  • "All sports for all people." - Pierre de Coubertin
  • "Competing in sports has taught me that if I'm not willing to give 120 percent, somebody else will." - Ron Blomberg
  • "In the field of sports you are more or less accepted for what you do rather than what you are." - Althea Gibson
  • Sports are defined as both mental and physical activities which are governed by a set of rules.
  • Eighty percent of all children play at least one sport at some point in their lives.



    The say it is not whether you win or lose
    It is how you play the game
    You simply need to be part of the team
    And do your best for fame