Gemstones Found in Alabama

    Gemstones found in Alabama are: blue and yellow beryl, Smokey Quartz, and Hematite.

Alabama State Gemstones

  • State Gemstone: Star Blue Quartz
    Star Blue Quartz was adopted as Alabama's State Gemstone in 1990.

  • State Mineral: Hematite (Red Iron Ore)
    Hematite was adopted by Alabama as its official State Mineral in 1967. Hematite (Red Iron Ore) is an oxide of iron. Although hematite is no longer actively mined, it was once heavily mined in central and northeastern Alabama.

  • State Rock: Marble
    Marble was adopted as Alabama's State Gemstone in 1969. Marble is found in Talladega County. Marble mined from Alabama is used in buildings throughout the US.

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