Gemstones Found in Florida

    Agatitized Coral
      When Chalcedony replaces the parts of coral over millions of years, it results in Agatized Coral. (This process also happens to wood creating petrified wood.)

      Agatized Coral is found in Tampa Bay, Withlacoochee/Suwannee River beds and the the Econfina River.

    Conch Pearl

      Conch pearl is pearl formed in a Conch Shell. Like other fresh water pearls, it can be used in jewelry.

Florida State Gemstones

    State Gemstone: Moonstone
    Moonstone is not actually found in Florida. It was adopted in 1970 as a result of the Moon missions. Monstone is not found in Florida or on the moon.

    State Stone: Agatized Coral Agatized Coral was adopted in 1979 as Florida's State Rock.

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