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Black is experienced when no visible light reaches the eye in visual impression. Black is the lack of color or pigmentation. It is also the direct opposite of the color white which is defined as the combination of all colors. When it comes to symbols, expression and usage, it has many different and contradicting meanings. The darkest color may convey elegance, sophistication, or perhaps a touch of mystery. Another meaning it symbolizes is authority and power. Biblically, black is related to death and color of Good Friday. Fashion says black gems provide humility and plainness to the one wearing it. Feng Shui experts explained it as power and protection. Black produces many positive and negative issues but the boldness of the color depends on how you show the expression to others.

The three most popular black gemstones are: Black Diamond, Black Onyx and Black Obsidian.


Black Diamond

Black diamond is a commonly known term for Carbonado. The alluvial deposit of this natural polycrystalline diamond is found in younger sedimentary rocks in the Central African Republic and Brazil. The natural color is more porous than other diamonds which is black or dark grey. Usually, it is pea-sized or aggregates lots of tiny black crystals in bigger porous. For a long time, diamonds were valued for their color, hardness and rarity, but they were usually left in their natural state. The first time they cut this diamond with diamond dust as abrasive revealed the true beauty of stone as a gem.

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Black Diamond is considered as the lower-order form of carbon that were not purely transformed to pure crystal that.s why it was not used for trading many years ago. Most black diamonds are in a "between graphite and pure diamond transition carbon state". But now, many people are starting to like and collect, as one of New York dealer described it, "faceted lumps of coal". It is stable in jewelry industry because many buyers responded well.

This specific kind of natural diamond is very rare and many collectors are in search for it up to now. And if ever you have or find one, never ever let it out of your sight. Besides from being desired by many people, the elegant simplicity gives you a wonderful accessory for your wardrobe. A big advantage of the strong color is that you can match it with any outfit . for any occasion.

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Black Diamond * Black Onyx * Black Obsidian


Black Onyx

Onyx is a member of the quarts in cryptocrystalline form. Almost all color from white is found in its band except purple or blue. Few onyx gems are considered natural because most of it is produced by the staining of agate. The kind of onyx with a band of reddish brown in white and lighter is known as sardonyx.

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This gemstone is a semiprecious variety of Chalcedony, a silica mineral. Romans and Jews made it a birthstone of July. Onyx came from the Greek word "finger-nail", pointing the color banding. The story goes:

One day while Venus was asleep Eros cut her nails and left the clippings scattered on the floor. Since, the heavenly bodies are immortal, the legend believed they were turned into stones and later named as onyx.

We can find onyx matched with white gemstones to accentuate the colors in jewelry design. Black and white will never be out of fashion and so as the wearer. It has the greatest minable quantity in India and South America. Learn more about Onyx Jewelry.

Black Diamond * Black Onyx * Black Obsidian


Black Obsidian

The result from fast cooling of molten lava that the quarts and feldspar minerals composing it are not crystallize out with a compact, glassy volcanic appearance is called an obsidian rock. It varies from many colors like red, brown, green, and some are clear, but mostly are jet black. Formed as an extrusive igneous rock, obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. When felsic lava extruded a rock from a volcano cools without crystal growth, it is produced. Obsidian is found mostly in the margins or lava flows which has high silica content.

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Jewelers carve it for earrings, bracelets and pendants. It is also used as ornaments made for trading souvenir and some put the rod and thin pieces of obsidian to wind chimes. The thinness of this rock is made without crystal structure and thus useful as projectile points a long ago and no used as surgical blades. Because of its sharp edges when broken, it was hunted and used as cutting tools, weapons and spearheads. You can also find the replica arrow heads in pendants are made up of obsidian. It was also incorporated in decorative items such as chalices and vases and some made a statue out of obsidian stone.

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