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Chrysoprase is often referred to as Australian Jade due to its wonderful green color. It is often used for beads, cabochons and cameos.

Chrysoprase Jewelry
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Chrysoprase Facts

    What it is

    Chrysoprase is apple green chalcedony. Its color can go to a darker green. However, if it is dark green this gem is simply called prase. The shade of green is due to the amount of nickel. Chrysoprase has a hardness rating of 7.


    Chrysoprase will fade in the sunlight. It is generally durable, but as will all gemstones, it is recommended to store it separately to prevent accidental scratching.

    Whare It Is Found

    The best chrysoprase is found in Australia (Queensland). Other places include: Austria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and USA (California).

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Chrysoprase Themed Books

Mystical Properties & Lore

    Chrysoprase is used for spiritual protection. Some say it helps with fertility.

    Chrysoprase was said said to be a "Victory Stone." It was used by Alexander the Great in battle.

    In the 1800's, Chrysoprase was said to help thieves become invisible.


    Smiley What gemstone seems to get the highest honors at Christopher's award banquets?


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