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Iolite jewelry is a beautful that is often used instead of sapphire or tanzanite. It makes lovely pendants, bracelets and rings.

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Iolite Facts


    Iolite, in gemology term is also known as Cordierite in mineralogy. It is one of the varieties of cordierite mineral. This gem has pretty and delicate violet blue shade that is unusual, although sometimes it is mistaken as a sapphire with light blue color. In this reason, it is sometimes called as water sapphire. This gem has the ability to point out the sun.s direction on cloudy days. For this reason, it is also called the "Vikings' Compass". This is possible by pointing out the polarization's direction of sky. Because of its high supply, the gem became more affordable and gained more popularity because of its attractiveness.


    Iolite has a hardness scale of 7 - 7.5, making it suitable to use as stone for jewelry. Most of these gems weigh few carats, just the right size. They are usually cut in various shapes and never been imitated or synthetically produced. They usually are seen scattered in alumina and silica - rich rocks.

    About the Term Iolite

    The word "iolite" originated from the Greek term "ios" which means violet. It may also comes from the old term dichroite, also a Greek term which means "two-colored rock", in reference with the strong characteristic of cordierite's pleochroism. It is called pleochroism when minerals or grains contained in a rock exhibiting variety of colors when viewed at any angles or spot under "polarizing petrographic microscope" Iolite gems have variety of colors depending on the angles.


    This gem is sometimes utilized as less expensive alternative for sapphire. The gem has lower price in the market because it is softer than a sapphire gem and has high supplies that came from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Namibia, Australia, Tanzania, Brazil, Connecticut, some parts of Canada, and Madagascar


    Iolite if usually cut to increase or enhance color and frequently windowed or cut shallow to lessen tone. Cutter must adjust the rough area carefully, to take the gray, blue and colorless out of its trichroism. As of now, no such treatment has been used successfully to lessen or remove color, that is why you can always be sure that they are not treated.


    When we first think of iolites we think of gorgeous jewelry. The cordierite, where the iolites come from, now has industrial benefits and uses. It can be used as insulator for electrical and heating application.


    To take care of your gem, do not use ultrasonic or steamer cleaner to clean it. Also keep your gem away from any exposure to chemicals, scratches or pointed objects, and heat or high temperature. You can simply use warm water and mild soap for the solution and soft brush or cloth for taking out dirt. Rinse thoroughly and dry with soft cloth or just let it air dry on top of a soft, clean cloth. Always put it in separate compartment of your jewelry box, to avoid contact with other stones or gems.

    Anniversary Stones with Iolite

    Celebrate using a Anniversary Gem for 21 years of marriage.

Mystical Properties & Lore

    Legends believe that this gem is used to toughen eyesight of individual.

    Also, number of emotional elements is attributed to the gem. It is said to increase or improve achievement and curiosity, guidance to spiritual strength.

    It is also believed that it makes an individual independent.

    It promotes helpfulness and charity by bringing higher, purer thoughts and friendliness.

    The gem makes you accept yourself more by awakening your hunger for love.


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