Malachite Jewelry

Malachite is a beautiful green earth stone with black bands. It is beautiful in earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

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Malachite Jewelry
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Malachite Care, Treatments & Where

    Malachite is green with irregular black banding. It has a hardness of 4.

    Malachite is especially fragile. Protect malachite from scratches and sharp blows. Also avoid large temperature changes (such as leaving it be a heater vent or in a hot car). Do not clean malachite in a home ultrasonic cleaner. Washing malachite jewelry in water will remove its finish.

    Malachite is always coated with a protective polish. This polish will wash off. Imitation malachite has very regular black or white banding.

    Malachite is found most everywhere. However, the most important mine is in Zaire.

Themed Books

    Books with Malachite in their name:

  • Malachite - by Ruth Langan
    Well-written romance novel.

  • The Malachite Palace - by Alma Flor Ada, Leonid Gore (Illustrator), Rosa Zubizarreta (Translator)
    An original fairy tale/fable, translated from Spanish, tells a touching story of a privileged child in a gilded cage, who sets herself free. Written for children.


  • The Curious Lore of Precious Stones - by George Frederick Kunz
    The definitive book on fascinating, traditional gem lore. Very practical.

  • Gemstones (Smithsonian Handbooks) - by Cally Hall, Harry Taylor (Photographer)
    A field guide to gemstones. Nice pictures and good, brief, well-written descriptions of over 130 varieties of gemstones.

  • Gemisphere Luminary - by Michael Katz
    My favorite reference for the mystical properties of gemstones.

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Malachite Jewelry * Care, Treatments & Where * Books
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Malachite Mystical Properties & Lore

    Malachite is said to bring harmony into one's life. It helps you create a united goal so you aren't working against yourself.

    It is said that malachite gives knowledge and patience.

    Malachite was used as a children's talisman to ward off danger and illness. It is attached to infant's cradles.

    Mining Malachite began as early as 4000 BC by ancient Egyptians.


    Smiley What did the malachite tell jade?

      I've got stripes!

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