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Morganite is a pink semi-precious gemstone coming from the beryl family. It is one of the most popular stones from the beryl family, alongside aquamarine and emerald. Morganites are popular among women, because of its fine, pastel pink tone.

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Morganite Jewelry
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About Morganite


    There is something so enchanting and dazzling about this gemstone. By nature of its color, the morganite is feminine, and they look great when worn in any female skin. It helps add a feminine touch to black, gray and earth tones, and it equally works well with other pastel colors like yellow, peach, blue and lilac.


    Morganites come from the beryl family, which means that the gemstone is a beryllium aluminum silicate. Pure beryl is in nature colorless. However, due to introduction of foreign elements like chrome, iron and manganese, beryl transforms into other colors. If manganese is intercalated with beryl, the colorless gemstone than turns into an enchanting, pink gem: thus the morganite is created. Morganites come in many pink tones. Most stones are decidedly pink (the highest valued ones), while others tend to lilac or violet. Still others have a subtle hint of orange.


    Although Morganite has existed for millions of years, it was first discovered in the early twentieth century. It brought about great attention when it was first discovered, which was subsequently bought by an important gem buyer, George Kunz of Tiffany and Co. George Kunz liked the pink gem and bought all that he possibly could. Morganite got its name from business tycoon and multi-millionaire J.P. Morgan, who was an avid gem collector. The stone is largely mined in the state of California. The stone can also bee found in Madagascar, Brazil, Namibia, Afghanistan, Russia and Mozambique, although deposits of the mineral are relatively rare. The gem remains to be considered as a connoisseur gem, quite expensive, because of its rarity, beautiful soft shade, and dazzling brilliance.


    The gemstone is a hard, durable gem making it perfect for everyday wear. Because it is neither brittle nor fragile, one does not have to take any specific care precautions. It does however tend to develop internal cracks brought about by blows, knocks, and hard pressure. Keep it away from temperature changes and extreme heat, for the color will fade over time. To care for your morganite, use lukewarm, mild soap. After cleaning dry it off with a soft cloth making sure that no moisture or soap is left behind. Use a brush to scrub on areas where dusts and what-not can gather. Cleaning agents such as chlorine and home ultrasonic cleaners should at all times be avoided for it will ruin the gemstone, big time. Finally, morganites do not require regular cleaning for the brightness and sheen of the gemstone will deteriorate. Rather, a good clean once every few years is enough.

Lore & Mystical Properties

    The gemstone will be a wonderful gift, especially for women. They are believed to bring about the brighter side of life. The stone is believed to put its owners into a good mode, and a therapy against stress. The gemstone is said to promote peace, calm and relaxation. Since it is a soft gem, the stone is believed to aid in developing soft characteristics such as patience, perseverance and in improving communication skills. It is said that the stone also contains medicinal attributes; it helps cure respiratory problems and augments the supply of oxygen all over the body.


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