Obsidian Jewelry

Obsidian is natural glass. It has been used for jewelry, mirrors, tools and more for centuries.

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Obsidian Jewelry
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Obsidian Care & Where

    Obsidian is natural glass formed by volcanic lava that cooled too quickly. It is usually black. Other colors include: brown, gray, red, blue and green. When there are bubbles or crystal inclusions, it is often called snowflake obsidian. Some obsidian has iridescence: flashes of color. Obsidian has a hardness rating of 5.

    Obsidian jewelry is fairly fragile. Avoid sharp blows as it will crack.

    Obsidian is most often found in Hawaii, Japan and Java. However, it can be found in all areas with volcanic activity. Dark pieces found in Arizona and New Mexico are called Apache Tears.

Themed Books

Mystical Properties and Lore

    Obsidian is often used for gaining clear insight into problems.

    Sharp shards of obsidian were formed into arrowheads.

    In ancient times, obsidian was made into mirrors.


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