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Orange is a relative of red that also sparks more controversy than any other shades. It is associated in complete positive and negative things like love and hate. This color is fun and flamboyant that releases warmth and energy in the surroundings. It has physical effects on us like activity stimulant, increases our appetite and encourages socialization.

On the other side, it is often worn as Halloween jewelry. Orange gems can make Halloween a fun and fashionable event. The two orange gemstones we all be featuring here are Carnelian and Fire Opal.



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Carnelian is a microcrystalline form of quartz. It is known in history as Sadoine, Mecca Stone and Pigeon.s Blood Agate. The color of the gem ranges from dark orange brown to a clear one. The color looks like translucent flesh since in came from the Latin word "Carne" which literally means flesh.

Western country made this the stone of Virgo (August 22 to September 22) while others had Carnelian associated differently. Hindu included this as a birthstone for Aries (Mar. 21 to April 20) and Scorpio (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22). Arabs see Carnelian as a stone for the month of July. But this Fire stone is also known as the gem of Thursday and Friday and numbers 1 and 3.

It is found in Sumerian history because their Queen Pu-Abi wore a Carnelian with other precious and semi-precious stones. Many Egyptian ancient tombs also had Carnelian jewels because they believed that the stone can resurrect them to the next world, while the living people wore this as a jewel and amulets to some. Muslims got their god.s name "Allah" carved in Carnelians as it would make them braver and their wishes would all be granted if worn. Aaron.s breastplate in Hebrew literature is made up of Carnelian also.

In the modern world it still has many functions all over the Earth. European treasure it given the stones importance in their history. Carnelian is called Sardius by Greeks and Romans and use as cameos, signet rings and intaglios to protect from evil, good life and never ending hope. Asians use this as amulets and lucky charms. Canada made use of this in jewel costumes as cabochon. From the rest of the stones, it is the stone of great spirituality and miraculous stone healer mentally and physically. Carnelian stolen when worn can help you boost your self-esteem, can easily solve problems, and can set your mind to reach your life.s goal. Physically, this is called the chakra of spleen wherein the sexual, emotions and all five senses are involved. It can stop the unwanted energies and will continue to absorb only pure positive ones ad will have a perfect outcome in ones energy. Another physical target is the lower abdomen to treat impotence and menstrual pain. Carnelian can heal neuralgia, asthma, rheumatism, blood and skin problems and can help one sleep better.

It has large production in India, Brazil, Uruguay and Japan where temperatures and pressures are lower. Carnelian is considered the national gemstone of Norway-Sweden. Texas, Florida, Colorado and North Carolina are good exporters of the gem too.

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Fire Opal

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Fire Opal is a part of the precious category of opals, transparent to translucent in appearance. There are white and black opals too along with it but a different type.

Fire opal is produced in volcanic formation of rocks in Yucatan Peninsula, South Mexico and far regions of the former Soviet Union.

Magically, it is said to make one invisible and protect one during astral projection. Lore says it is useful in making a person spontaneous, enthusiastic, make bright ideas and as magnet to money. There are even claims that it has properties in healing such as: this stone energizes, stimulates sexual desire and adrenal glands.

The transparent fire opal stones are cut as cab for jewelries such as earrings, ring stones and pendants wherein it is far from hard impacts and abrasions.

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