Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink stone often worn as crystal pendants or bead necklaces. It is simple, inexpensive jewelry that goes with everything.

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Rose Quartz Jewelry
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Rose Quartz Where & Care

    Pink or peach-colored quartz is called Rose Quartz. It has a hardness of: 7.

    Rose Quartz crystals are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Spain, and USA (Colorado).

    This beautiful gemstone will chip and crack rather easily.

    Rose Quartz fades in the sun; most Rose Quartz is dyed.

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Rose Quartz Mystical Properties and Lore

    Though not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, Rose Quartz is used to balance ones emotions and open the heart.

    The star effect seen in some Rose Quartz cabochans and beads happen when rutile inclusions are present.

    Wiccans supposedly use Rose Quartz for forgiveness.

    Rose Quartz is the US State Gemstone of South Dakota.


    Smiley What happened to the Quartz when it turned pink?

      It rose.

    Smiley What is hard, rock-like, and pink all over?

      Quartz that blushed soo much that it became Rose Quartz.

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