Ruby is known as the stone of love. It is worn in all types of jewelry.

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Ruby Jewelry

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Care, Treatments & Where

    Ruby is a corundum that may be any color of red depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. Ruby has a hardness rating of 9.

    Generally, ruby jewelry is quite durable. Still, rubies are subject to chipping and fracture if handled roughly.

    Rubies are often heat treated to permanently improve their color and clarity.

    Reputable dealers will not use the following misleading terms. However, for your protection, I am listing them here:

      "Adelaide ruby" is a common name for almandine garnet,

      "Cape ruby" is a common name for pyrope garnet found in South Africa; "Arizona ruby" and "Colorado ruby" are common names for pyrope garnet.

      "American ruby" and "Mont Blanc ruby" are really garnet or rose quartz.

      "Bales Ruby" is really pale red spinel.

      "Bohemian ruby", "Montana ruby" and "Mountain ruby" are really red garnet.

      "Brazilian ruby" is really pink or "fired" topaz, or pink tourmaline.

      "Siberian ruby" is really dark pink/red tourmaline.

    Ruby is found worldwide. The finest stones are from Myanmar. Bright red stones are mined in: Afganistan, Pakistan, Vietnam. Brownish-red ruby are from Thailand. Darker stones are generally produced from the mines in Australia, India, Russia and USA (Georgia, North Carolina and Wyoming).

Themed Books

Ruby Jewelry * Care, Treatments & Where * Books
Birthstones * Anniversary Stone * Lore * Poems/Jokes
All Gemstone Information * Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Months with Ruby

  • July Birthstone: Modern, Traditional, Mystical and Ayurvedic Birthstone
  • December Birthstone: Ayurvedic Birthstone
  • Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19): Birthstone/Lucky Charm
  • Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22): Birthstone
  • Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Planetary Stone

Anniversary Gemstone

Ruby Mystical Properties & Lore

    Ruby is said to open one's heart to love. It can heal emotion wounds.

    The three-ray, six-point star effect seen in some cabochan rubies happen when rutile inclusions are present. The star on the ruby moves on the stone as the light from a single source moves.

    Rubies were thought to ward off misfortune and ill-health. They are given as a symbol of success, devotion and integrity.

    According to ancient lore, a Ruby is capable of reconciling lovers' quarrels.

    Ruby engagement rings are given to express passion and promise of their heart.

    Ruby is the US State Gemstone of Wisconsin.

    Ruby is said to be the Summer Gemstone of the Season.


Ruby Poems

    Loving You

    Rubies are red
    Sapphires are blue
    I'm in love
    With wonderful you

    Forgive Me?

    Rubies are red
    Sapphires are blue
    I'm sorry for what I said
    Will you forgive me too?

Ruby Jokes

    Smiley What did the Ruby say to the diamond?

      You're so clear you make me blush!

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