Titanium Jewelry

Fashionistas, look out! A new trend is slowly but surely making its way through runways, boutiques, and the chic streets. It's no less than titanium jewelry, the most recent addition in every stylish woman's and man's priceless trinket collection.

Titanium Jewelry:

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New Designs

A number of jewelers now specialize in making fine pieces out of titanium, and many designers have incorporated these fine accessories into their creative outputs. Compared with other metals used for making jewelry, titanium is easy to manipulate - so much so that many websites actually offer tutorials on how to make custom-made jewelry made of titanium, including earrings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, and chains for belts, bags, and other use. The popularity of titanium is due in part to the high cost of gold and platinum jewelry, the styles and cuts of which can now be made using titanium.


Titanium jewelry may come in different grades, but most jewelers patronize the aircraft grade titanium and recommend pieces made of it to individuals who want to buy rings that are strong and durable. While titanium can be forged, cast, or shaped with tubes, reputable jewellers have stuck to the process of sculpting the metal to produce stellar results. Aside from its manipulability, titanium also has no weak points, making it rather difficult or even impossible to break items made from it. This ability to endure has prompted credible and respected jewelers to provide lifetime warranties on the jewelry they are selling.

Types of Rings

One of the most favorite titanium jewelry pieces in the market are titanium rings. Rings are made using solid billets of titanium carefully crafted on a lathe, keeping seams or welds away from or absent in the rings. When you decide to purchase your very own titanium ring, you are likely to encounter the words comfort-fit and pipe-fit. Jewelers use these terms to indicate how well a ring can fit you. Titanium entails some hard shaping processes, and for titanium rings to be worn easily and comfortable around the finger, the edges and interiors must be thoroughly rounded off or softened to perfection. Generally, rings, whether made from titanium or some other metal, tapered outside and inside are difficult or painful to remove. Titanium is a favorite among wedding ring designers these days; if you.re planning to purchase titanium wedding rings, give importance to comfort as you and your future spouse will be wearing those rings forever.


One of the reasons why many artisans are swooning over titanium is the number of possibilities that can be achieved using the metal. For example, to create a more stunning and novel effect, some jewelers mix gold, platinum, or silver with titanium. Stones may also be used to accessorize titanium pieces, such as setting an engagement diamond with gold bezels in the titanium. Moreover, titanium jewelry is easy to maintain since titanium is generally unperceptive to corrosive materials, like acids and saltwater, impervious to heat and cold, and is conveniently hypoallergenic. More importantly, titanium pieces are a great, inexpensive way to look elegant and sophisticated in an instant.