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Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Site

  1. List Your Site in Search Engines & Directories
    This is the best way to get seen. If you aren't listed in the top search engines, you are missing out on a lot of traffic! The first six you should work on are: Google, DMOZ, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, and Lycos.

    Submit listings by hand as you will have a much better chance of being included.

  2. Reciprocal Links
    Trading links with other sites helps both of sites. If you haven't created a link page, now is the time to start. Categorize it and make it easy to use. Add related services. If you are linking to a big site, it may be worth giving them a primary position.

    I've refined the technique so that sites that sites with great links to Jewelry Mall get listed higher in their category. Sites with great links usually average 20 click throughs a day. That is great for a small text link at the bottom of one's home page saying, "If you don't find what you want here, try Jewelry Mall".

    This rewards sites that give you good reciprocal links and encourages others to do so as well. If you have a jewelry, craft, wedding, virtual mall or free web promotion related site, trade links here.

  3. Newsletters (and Ezines)
    There are many ways to get exposure from newsletters. You can write free articles and see if a newsletter will publish it. Additionally, you can pay for ads in newsletters. If you are paying for ads find out: how many ads they allow, where the ads are placed, and if there is any incentive to read the ad. If there is only one ad per issue, it is often a great deal. If there are 20 ads, there better be some incentive to read them (ie. a contest).

    Learn how to make a high commissions from your OWN newsletter FREE by going to a Free webcast and have a chance at winning $50,000.

  4. Press Releases
    I'm just starting to use this approach so I don't know how well it works. I assume it will give more name recognition, which is appreciated. One can send out a press release for less than $100 from either place listed in Other Resources Section on Jewelry Mall's Web Promotion Page.

  5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    Buying pay per click advertising works to get you traffic. Make sure to determine how much a visitor is worth (and don't pay more than that!)

  6. Classified Ads
    I like free classified ads. I have gotten excellent response to high ranking ones in LeMaze and in ones that specialize in my area of expertise (ie: jewelry related classifieds). If you decide to pay for your ads, do research first to be certain that people reading ads in your desired section. Test drive your ad on free sites first.

  7. Bulletin Boards
    If you are active on various bulletin boards, your site will become better known. Offer advice, help, tips, tricks as well as your normal information. A standard way is to always end your notes with your Web site name and URL.

    Feel free to participate in our Jewelry Forum.

  8. Banners
    Trading banners and banner exchanges are very popular. Most banners get horrible click thorough rates. Banners at the top of a page are more effective. Additionally, it is recommended to create a banner that says "click here" and is animated. If possible, use a program that allows only one banner ad per page.

    Targeted banner placements do best. Whether trading or buying, you will often find that you want your banner on a related page.

  9. Usenet
    I really enjoy interacting with newsgroups. I have the opportunity to help people while also having a tag line stating my web site name and URL.

    If you decide to simply place an ad, be certain to determine that the group accepts ads. Spamming Usenet can be very heavily penalized.

  10. Other Advertising
    Word of mouth works great. Create such a useful site that people visit it often. If you are fortunate, they will even link to it free.

    One can pay to advertise on opt-in mailing lists. This has been known to work extremely well. Spam (sending unsolicited email) gets your account closed.

    Putting your information in physical laundry mat, store, beauty salon and small restaurant bulletin boards often is extremely effective. Flyers or postcard advertisements work very well.

If you are wondering how many links are to your site, go to Alta Vista. Then, type link: (where is replaced with your URL).

See 10 Top Web Creation Resources for my favorite web resources. Also, find other promotion tips our at Free Internet Promotion page.