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Top 10 Web Creation Resources

  1. The Cgi Resource Index - 1500 CGI-related resources in more than 200 categories. Nicely rated. Many free.

  2. Free Code Software Archive - Lists many programs which are free for personal *and* commercial use.

  3. Ender's Realm - My favorite place for getting free graphics.

  4. Easy Submit - Features search engine secrets and a meta tag analyzer.

  5. - beautiful buttons and menus.

  6. - If you are looking for advertisers, this is where to go.

  7. HTML Reference - What HTML is supported on what browsers.

  8. Yale Web Style Guide - Learn about interface design, site design, page design, and web graphics.

  9. Useful Free & Shareware Tutorials - Unix, Perl, C, CGI, HTML, and Java tutorials.

  10. Netmechanic - My favorite place for cleaning up my html. Useful for locating hard-to-find errors, and helps makes sure your site will work in multiple browsers.

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