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Time is of the Essence

How you manage your time tells volumes about how you live your life. The watch you choose to wear, and how you care for it does as well. You may use your watch to avoid traffic delays, get to meetings on time or time your sporting events. Regardless of the functions you use your watch for, having a dependable watch is extremely helpful.


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Long Live Your Watch!

It is great having at least two watches: one for our job and everyday wear, and a different watch for special occasion or formal wear. With so many watches to choose from, it is extremely easy to increase your collection when your daily wear watch stops working. It is much less expensive to care for your watch properly from the start.

Watch Functions and Service

Many watches include a special pamphlet that includes details such as:

  • How water resistant (can you shower or dive with your watch and if so, how deep you can dive with your watch)
  • How scratch proof (note: scratch proof only refers to the glass face of the watch)
  • How shock proof
  • Special care.
Carefully follow the directions in the pamphlet provided in order to avoid damaging your watch.

By servicing your watch consistently, you ensure that your watch will last for many years. This is especially appreciated for a designer watch as they are expensicve to replace. Usually, a standard watch will often last for around a decade and the designer brands will last for a lifetime if you follow the recommended precautions and maintenance.

Watchbands and Straps

Know that the watchband requires care as well, particularly when it contains a precious material such as sterling silver, platinum or gold. Makeup, sweat, and dust can gather in between each link also, and therefore need to be cleaned. When the watchbands that are made out of leather, ensure that you do not get them wet with water or other liquid, and even though your wacthband becomes more comfortable over time, it is recommend to replace them at least yearly.

Timely Watch Maintenance

If you are planning on purchasing an expensive designer watch that has special features like kinetic or automatic, you will want to schedule all the regular watch maintenance that is required to enjoy its benefits for the longest possible period of time. All care instructions should be provided to you at the time of purchase.

Rather than tossing a watch that stops working, look into the warranty or see a jeweler to find out what can be done. Watches serve as accessories as well as tools, and owning a variety can be fun. So take a look at your watch collection: sporty, dressy, professional. By caring for them properly, you will extend the life of your watch, and improve the quality of your life.

Do not wear magnetic bracelets along with a watch because the watch may not function properly as a result.

Sweet Sayings To Add to Your Watch Gift

Often it is nice to add a sweet saying to your gift to make it extra special. Here are some nice ones to add to a gift of a watch:

  • The time for us is now .. and in the future too!
  • Watch out, I love you!
  • Hopefully, I'll be more timely in the future.
  • I enjoy watching you.
  • I'll love you for all time.
  • I enjoy being with you all the time.
  • I'll clock you for it.
  • It's time for us....
  • You are fun to watch sports with.
  • I love having time with you.
  • You are the Alpha through the Omega for me.
  • Timex symbolizes my question: "What time can I see you next?"
  • Sorry this gift is late... I'll time it better next time.