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Cartier Watch

A Name that Defines Elegance

Everybody needs a watch. Time seems to rule our hectic life these days. However, a Cartier Watch is more than just a timepiece. The name Cartier alone conjours up images of excellence, fine quality, and a desire for the best. While today's online world seems to offer an endless array of designer brands, a company with a reputation as solid and enduring as Cartier's still remains a rare find.

Cartier Watches offer the precision needed in a quality timepiece, the wide array of choices expected when you offer the best, and an eye for detail that sets this company above the rest. Indeed, there are watch lovers who don't just purchase watches, but collect watches. Cartier caters to even pickiest watch collector with superb watches they will love and enjoy.

Cartier Watches:

Cartier Watch and Cartier Diamond Watch

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The Glorious History That is Cartier

Though Cartier jewelry began in 1847 in Paris, France, one often thinks of the beginning of Cartier watches as the time Santos-Dumont wore a Cartier watch while flying airplanes. This event helped make Cartier known for their watches.

For over a century, the excellent quality workmanship and performance of Cartier has become world renown. By using only superior quality materials and the highest precision technology, Cartier offers the heirloom quality watches that are so rare to find today.

Classics Today, Keepsakes Forever

Cartier watches are created as masterpieces of jewelry with sophistication and elegance. These watches are often enjoyed by generations with love and enjoyment. Cartier watches come n many styles ranging from classic to modern.

A wonderful everyday watch from Cartier's could be an elegant watch displaying roman numerals on the dial and having an alligator strap. All Cartier watches have the distinct company's trademark: a sapphire gem on top of the adjusting knob. Additionally, Cartier watches always have a scratch proof sapphire crystal face.

Alternate straps for cartier watches are usually 18 Kt Gold or stainless steel though platinum is available. For high end collectors, we recommend the unusual Cartier limited edition D'art models, with a panther, Cartier's signature design.

Finding an Authentic Cartier Watch

Distinctive Cartier Watches are sold only at fine establishments. All Cartier items include a warrrentee and authenticity certificate that is honored worldwide at authorized dealers. Always be certain that you buy from an authorized and reputable Cartier dealer. Due to the fine reputation of the Cartier watch, many imitations have been attempted. Only a true Cartier Watch comes with the peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with a truly world class company.

Sayings to go with your Cartier Watch Gift:

  • A cartier for my partner-eh. (Canadian accent)
  • For the classiest person I know.
  • The best, for the best.