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Citizen Watch

Why People Love the Citizen Watch

Ever since 1924 the Citizen company has created watches for function and fashion. The Citizen company was founded on the premise that a person's watch is a part of his or her identity. Due to this desire to create watches that meet a need for both practicality and indivuduality, Citizen watches have evolved in some unique and groundbreaking ways. Take a look a the many ways in which citizen watches are more thatn just an attractive timepiece.

Citizen Watches and Citizen Watch Bands:

Citizen Watches, Citizen Diving Watch, and Citizen Skyhawk Watch

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Groundbreaking Innovations

Citizen manufactured the first voice recognition watch, the globe's slimmest LCD watch, and the world's first professional dive watch with specially designed electronic depth sensors. They have continued their lead by creating the first environmentally friendly watch series. The Eco Drive models include batteries that never need changing, as they can charge from both artificial light and natural sunlight.

Other Citizen watches created for professionals are the NightHawk and SkyHawk series, which help flying professionals by providing flying information. The Sailhawk series helps sailors navigate the high seas, and the Professional Diver help divers in their underwater expeditions.

For Every Season There is a Citizen

There is a Citizen watch for everyday wear, practicing sports, for diving, flying, and formal evenings. They are popular for their versatility. Citizen watches can fit into most budgets, can match most tastes and provide support for most activities.

Guarantee of Quality

All Citizen watches provide a five year warranty for the USA and a lesser one for international users (but not less than one year). Find an authorized dealer for Citizen watches worldwide to take advantage of this warentee service. We recommend using one of their facilities whenever you need any battery replacements, repairs and/or other type of help.

A Watch for Life

When you realize that your Citizen watch has become a part of your persona, you may find yourself purchasing another, not to replace the first, but to enhance your wardrobe, and make a statement to the world. Your citizen watch will endure through lifestyle changes, new hobbies, and various needs. That is why everyone, from sports professionals to business professionals, from celebrities to the mom next door choose the Citizen watch to accomany them through life.

As the Citizen Company intended back in 1924, this line of watches has proven to be a steadface fixture in an everchanging landscape. With great design, uncomprimising quality, and a solid reputation Citizen watches continue to live up to their name by providing affordable watches for everyone need and occasion.

Nice Sayings To Go With Your Citizen Watch Gift

  • You're the best citizen!
  • Only the best for you.
  • You're one of a kind.
  • You are fun to watch.