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Fendi Watch

Italian Fashion at its Best

These top quality, fashionable Italian watches took a long time to be honed to perfection. Fendi started in the 1925 as a fur company in Italy. Its founder, Eduardo Fendi first started producing furs and later on expanded to other product lines such as accessories, fragrances and clothing line. Soon, the clothing and accessories of Fendi became famous not only Europe but in other parts of the world.

Fendi Watches:

Fendi Watch and Mens Fendi Watch

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Fendi Watches Are Born

Inspired by the success of its other product line, Fendi soon ventures into another product, which is the watch. For the people at Fendi, the inclusion of the Fendi watch into their product line is but a logical move since it complements the other products of the company. Furthermore, the people of Fendi envisioned the Fendi watch to be something that both men and women would be able to wear on all occasions. Armed with years of experience in producing highly fashionable products, the people at Fendi set to work in designing the best batch of Fendi watches. In the late 1980s, Fendi started to produce watches to complement its other product lines. As soon as the Fendi watch hits the market, the Fendi watch became a hit among high fashionable people in Europe. Now, the Fendi watch success is spreading to other areas outside of Europe.

At present, thousands of fashionable people all over the world are now sporting the now famous Fendi watch with its distinctive double "F" logo both on the bracelet and the face of the watch.

Stylish and Elegant

If you are looking for something that will satisfy your appetite for fashion, your best choice would be Fendi watches. The good thing about this watch is that since a person who understands fashion very much created it; the designs of this watch are definitely very fashionable. When it comes to fashion, you can always trust Fendi to give something that will bring out the best in you. The Fendi watch appeals to both men and women. The sleek and attractive design of the Fendi watch suits even the person with the most discriminating of taste. In fact, whatever the occasion is, there is always a watch that would complement your mood and the clothes that you are wearing. Never mind if you are one wearing one of Fendi's clothing or accessories, the good thing about this watch is that is very versatile and blends very well with other brands of clothing and accessories.

Famous Fendi Watch Collections

Since it first came into the market, the Fendi watch has evolved and adapted to the changing fashion styles and trends in the market. However, out of the many designs and models that Fendi has produced, there are some models that have become all time favorites for people who love Fendi products. Some of the most famous models of Fendi watches are the Classico collection, Allergra, Moda, Epoca, Rivoli and Stella. The Fendi watch feature the ETA Swiss movement and are water resistant up to 100 feet. If you are one of those people who love to take a swim every now and then, it is safe to keep your watch on your wrist when you take the plunge.

Embracing the Fendi Watch Classico Collection

The Classico collection is simply one of the best in the Fendi line of watches. As the name Classico implies, this collection embodies the timeless designs of Eduardo Fendi's era. The designs in this collection are a reminiscence of the past. Characterized by its heavy looks, rectangular polished stainless steel case, genuine leather strap with square Fendi buckle, the Classico collection is one of the bestsellers. The good thing about this watch is that its classic designs do not go out of style and it always goes well with casual clothes.