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Movado Watch

Movado Watches: Time and Motion at Its Finest

The movado watch is one of the oldest timepiece brands in the world today. The first movado watch created by Achille Ditesheim by hand in 1881 in La Chaus-de-Fonds, Switzerland, started the long history of remarkable dedication to fine watch making. Although the makers of the movado watched stopped producing their watches by hand a long time ago, the philosophy expounded by the founder of this company still holds through today.

Movado Watches:

Movado Watch, Movado Mens Watch and Mens Movado Diamond Watch

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The movado watch had come a long way since it was first created and throughout the century, the movado watch has proven itself as one of the leaders in the industry. Translated into the English language, the word "movado" means "always in motion". For more than a century, the movado watch has lived up to its name and more. Since its creation in 1881, this watch has gathered over 200 international awards for creativity. The distinctive style of the movado watch makes it one of the benchmarks when it comes to quality and elegance in luxury watches. As proof of its conquest in the luxury watch industry, the movado museum watch is now considered as one of the must haves for the rich and the famous.

The Movado Museum Watch

This legendary museum watch was originally designed in 1947. Best known for its black clock face with a single point at twelve o'clock often marked with a diamond solitaire, the movado museum watch came to be known as the "boss's watch". According to the stories that accompany this legendary timepiece, the movado museum watch is a symbolic design best suited for the boss or the leader of an organization. Accordingly, the boss "decides" the time of the day. Since the boss doesn't have to be on time, there is no need for him or for her to keep track of the hours and the minutes of the day. True enough, although there are now some new designs that features some hour and minute indicators, the original design and still the most sought after design of the movado museum watch is that minimalist single dot design.

On the technical side of things, the creator of this design, the American designer Nathan George Horwitt actually designed this watch to be a replica of the sundial. The single dot of this movado watch represents the single point, which is the high noon on the sundial. However, whether you choose to believe in the tale of the "boss's watch" or still to the technicalities of Horwitt's explanation, the fact still remains that when it comes to luxury watches, the movado museum watch is simply one of the finest. A diamond ladies watch with mother of Pearl dial or a man's watch with the bluest of sapphire on it is definitely a must have for you.

Piece of Art on Your Wrist

Aside from the world famous movado museum watch, there are other styles and designs of movado watch that you can choose from. Known as a supporter of the arts, movado is one of the few watch companies that creates unique styles and innovations in watches. Whatever is your taste and preferences in watches, you can always find a movado watch that would satisfy your discriminating taste.

There are many movado designs and models that you can choose from. For men, one of the favorite model of movado mens watch is the SE Sports Edition watches that are made of the high performance stainless steel. Designed to be both sleek and sophisticated, this mens movado watch goes well with the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. Modern and very classy, the SE Sports Edition watches will never be out of place in the most fashionable and hip crowd. For women who love to dress up, the movado esperanza watch collection is definitely something to think about. This movado watch collection is chic and sophisticated, something that a woman of class and style should have.