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Technology for Everyday

Time management is crucial for everyone today. Whether you are a high school student, an up and coming professional or a stay-at-home mom, using your time wisely is key to living successfully. Seiko watches have helped people in all aspects of life do this for decades. There are tons of watches on the market, but the Seiko brand has consistently offered a wide range of functions and choices to those in every walk of life. Whether you need an inexpensive watch to teach you child to tell time, or a precise tool to time athletic progress, Seiko has spent years creating just the watch you need.

Seiko Watches:

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Seiko - The Beginning of Time

Kintaro Hattori created K.Hattori & Co. Ltd. Japan in 1881, which eventually become Seiko Corporation. They began by making differnt types of clocks initially, until finally creating their first wrist watch in 1913. However, it was not until 1924 that the Seiko brand was used on a watch.

The first self-winding Seiko watch was manufactured in 1955, followed by quartz clocks, which served for broadcasting purposes and transistorized table clocks. By 1964, Seiko watches were invited to serve as the official timer to the Tokyo Olympic games held in Japan. This was repeated again in 1972 at the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games, which were also held in Japan. Seiko also served at several as official timer at several World Cup Soccer Championships such as Argentina, Spain, Italy, and Mexico, as well as at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

In 1970, Seiko watches started to be sold in America, and became extremely successful, as they expanded around the globe. Seiko watches also created a few firsts in their history, and a few of those are: the first LCD quartz watch with six digit digital display, the first quartz alarm display, the first multi functional digital watch, the first TV watch, first watch with sound recording capabilities, the first talking clock and the first automatic power generating quartz watch.

History Repeats Itself

The solid reputation of Seiko watches rest on the consistency of the product. Affordably priced, and accessible to everyone, it is no surprise that Seiko watches have become a cultural icon. Your choice of a watch is very personal. The right wristwatch will be suited to your needs, personality and the image you wish to convey. No matter what those specifics are, there is a Seiko watch designed with you in mind. Browsing through all the different styles and functions, and knowing that this product was created by a company with a good understanding of the technology makes the choice to pick a Seiko watch the easiest decision of your day.