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Sports Watch

For those who enjoy hiking, climmbing, diving, running, cycling and other sports, having a sports watch can make your activities easier and more fun. You can know how fast you are moving and when you will get to your destination.

Sports Watches:

Casio Sports Watches, Nike Sports Watches, Timex Sports Watches ,and Sports Watches from Amazon

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Key Features of a Sports Watches

Sports watches are commonly used by athletes, joggers, and fitness enthusiasts. As the name connotes, people who are engaged in sports. There are different models of sports watches, from the basic wristwatches to the GPS-enabled ones. The basic features of the sports watches are as follows:


The first feature of a sports watch is the stop watch, which records the running time of the person wearing it which is useful for the training of athletes. For people who use sports watches to time the number of minutes in the gym, the internal timer feature, which can be programmed on the patterns and be used during the latter parts of the workout.

Distance & Heart Rate

For people who are into sports like track and field and would want to reach the distance traveled, the watch can easily monitor the projected time so you can keep track of your speed and monitor your speed as week. Another feature is the heart rate zone feature. The watch can limit your average heart rate during a workout session, complete with alerts once your heartbeat goes too fast or too slow. Since the heart rates differ, the average heart rate of the person wearing the watch is computed, and from that, an alert goes off signaling that you should speed up or slow down. This feature ensures that you are not overusing your heart, especially for training athletes.


Next up is the speed and distance tracking function. Aside from the pedometer function (which counts the number of steps of the runner), the pace and the current speed is also recorded by the watch. If you don't trust the watch to do work by itself, then you should try using another accessory, which is the foot pod unit, which is usually snapped into the shoe and send the signal to your sports watch. This is more accurate because the actual movement of the feet is measured as well as the consistency of your steps.


In line with speed and distance is the smartest feature of a sports watch- GPS tracking. A GPS antenna is installed inside the watch to wirelessly track the wearer's exact location. The only drawback with GPS-enabled watches is that the person wearing it should have a clear view of the sky, otherwise, it won't work effectively.


The best brands of sports watches, both for men and women are Timex, Casio and Nike. These three brands have equally nice features, and more often than not, the ultimate deciding point would be the price and budget, as well as the purpose for buying the sports watch. Whether it's for the large digits that are displayed very clearly and are readable within an arm's length, or it's for recording and analyzing body movement, these brands carry the best sports watches.


Other types of sports watches to consider are those that are beautifully designed, especially for women. Another factor is the weight of the sports watch. You wouldn't want to run around with a heavy watch, right?