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Swiss Army Watch

A Precise History

The Swiss have a long-standing history of precision timepieces. Yet before the Swiss Army Watch was introduced, the company which produced it was famous for a different item. The Victorinox company introduced the Swiss Army Knife in 1897.

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Founder Karl Elsener wanted a product that could produce a demand and profit, thereby creating jobs for unemployed Swiss families. To date, over one hundred countries have found a use for this ingenious product. Since the Oval Office term of Lyndon B. Johnson, United States Presidents have presented guests with Victorinox knives.

Once the knife began to gain in popularity, Elsener and Victorinox turned their attention to the wrist watch The result was the Swiss Army watch. Since then, the styles have changed, different types of watches have been added to the repartee.

Their performance and excellent quality are unmatched, and their renown has encompassed the globe. The Swiss Army watch has swiftly become one of the fastest growing brands in history. These bad boys are definitely making their mark, and they are looking good while doing it.

A Sleeker Swiss Army Watch

You cannot help but picture a clunky knife strapped to your wrist, and that is understandable. It is time to kick that myth to the curb and take a gander at what the Swiss Army watch collection really has to offer. Ladies will find the "Vivante" collection very pleasing to the eye, on and off the wrist. You can choose from a stainless steel or leather band. The dials are made with mother-of-pearl, and some are even adorned with diamonds.

For the businessman who needs to put the best foot forward, clients will certainly take a shine to any watch from the "Ambassador" collection. The adventuresome types should scope out the Active pieces, which includes Swiss Army watches that can go the distance underwater, to 330 feet.

Do you want something extra special? Something one-of-a-kind? The Legacy 2006 Reserve de Marche Platine can be yours for around $20,000. Only sixty of these masterpieces have been, and will be crafted. You are truly owning a piece of history. There is something for every member of your family, and every timepiece comes with a three-year warranty. You are not just buying a name, you are buying a quality product that is standing the test of time.

Precision and Value

Consistently reliable over time, and always in demand, the Swiss Army Watch stands alone in its role as an accurate, durable and attractive timekeeper. Given as a gift, a Swiss Army Watch is certain to be appreciated. As a personal possession, it is both an investment and a useful tool.