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Tissot Watch

Tissot Watches: Impecable Accuracy

Founded in 1853, the Tissot Watch company has consistently built a reputation of quality, innovation and elegance. Whether in using technology to devise accurate timepieces for athletes, or sleek artistic creations, Tissot watches are the must have for anyone with a desire for the best in quality and design. Here is look at some of the ways Tissot watches have used innovative technology to carve out their niche in the timekeeping industry.

Tissot Watches:

Tissot Watch

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Tissot Watches for First Timers

Tissot is very distinctive as being the first to use plastic, wood, and stone to create their works of art.

First released to the public in 1985, The "Rock watch" is made from millennia old Swiss granite. No two watches are the same; the buyer is truly getting a one-of-a-kind treasure. Tissot watch faces of coral, bassalt, mother of pearl, and shell rock later surfaced. They were also pioneers with having the first magnetic watch in 1930.

One of the newest innovations for the Tissot watch is the "T-touch" technology. These simply amazing watches hold a compass, a barometer, an altimeter, a thermometer, and even internet access. You do everything with just a touch of your finger. Remember those lamps that came on, changed brightness and shut off simply by touching the base? That was T-touch, and Tissot found a way to put it on the face of a watch.

Tissot Watches: Timekeepers of NASCAR

A proud member of the Swatch group since 1985, Tissot strives to imbue their products with the same qualities on which the company was originally founded. Great performance, precision, and ambition are also traits found in the best athletes. So it seems only natural that Tissot would be associated with the sports and adventure world. In 2003, they became the official timekeepers for NASCAR, replacing TAG Heuer.

They are also the official timekeepers for Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Cycling, ice hockey, and fencing have all called upon Tissot for the same reason. English soccer legend-in-the-making Michael Owen is a spokesperson for the company. Hollywood is as much a fan of the Tissot watch as professional sports. Angelina Jolie sported their timepieces in two of her blockbusters, "Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

Tissot Watches Two Year Warranty

Tissot watches come with quality assurance and peace of mind. More than a measurement tool or a precious adornment, a Tissot watch is a wise financial investment. For over 150 years, Tissot watches have provided athletes, professionals and seekers of elegance with their needs. Exceptional in its value, unparalleled in its design, there is a Tissot watch created for you and your unique desires.