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Titanium Watch

Hypoallergenic, durable watches that last

The usual watches are made from steel, rubber, and leather. These are the average components used in the manufacturing of watches for the past two hundred plus years. There is no question about the quality of watches made from steel. It is one of the strongest materials that can withstand the test of time and wear and tear. Rubber is also an ideal material, since it is perfect for outdoor adventures and sports. Leather is as impressive, since it can be used for formal gatherings. Watches made from top quality leather will look sharp in any occasion.

Titanium Watches:

Titanium Watch

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If you think that the quality and style of watches cannot be any better, think again. Despite the outstanding reputation of steel, rubber, and leather watches, watches made from another material prove to be even better. With the advent of the so called "space age," there is now an increasing demand for watches that look like the trends for the future. These watches are made from titanium. Titanium watches prove to be the best watches ever made.

Watches That Last

Titanium watches are highly durable. They are even more durable than the strong steel based watches. It is a metallic element that is found in the crust of Earth. Its color makes it a top choice among stylish individuals - the white crystal color it has gives it a unique and futuristic look. It is forty percent stronger and more durable than steel, but it weighs only half as much. That is saying a lot, considering the strength that steel already has. Titanium watches really surpass their steel counterparts in terms of durability.

It is a surprise why titanium watches are not that common compared to watches made from other materials since titanium is a relatively common material. It is one of the ten most abundant elements in the world. It is even found in various meteorites, rocks and some of our galaxy's stars. Titanium is so abundant that some scientists say that we have ten thousand years. worth of titanium supply on our planet. Imagine how many watches can be made for the next millennia.

Titanium may be abundant, but making a watch out of it is a really expensive process. This may be one of the most valid reasons why titanium watches are priced quite expensively. For many years titanium was allotted just for military purposes, simply because the processing of the element is just too costly for other things. Nowadays, the top watch companies have invested much for titanium watches.


What are the benefits of wearing titanium watches as compared to watches made of other materials? First of all, titanium watches are perfect for sports and divers. Titanium, as we've said, is much lighter compared to other elements. Many divers. watches are now made from titanium because of this reason. They can be comfortably worn, and the wearer may not even notice that he is wearing them.

Another reason is that titanium is hypoallergenic. Since sports watches are worn by people who are under physical activity, the watches will most probably be soaked in sweat. Even when a person sweats while wearing a titanium watch, the watch will not pose any negative effect on the wearer. Equally importantly, the watch will not be damaged when it is exposed to sweat or any kind of fluid.

Third, since titanium is absolutely stronger than steel, watches made from titanium are naturally sturdier and more durable than steel watches. Lastly, and more importantly, titanium is a renewable resource. This means that by manufacturing titanium watches, companies do not help in the damaging of the environment. The watches are friendly to Mother Nature.

Favorite Mens Titanium Watches

Now that we have established the best points about titanium watches, this is the best time to cite some of the best watches made by the best companies in the world. Fossil is a household name when it comes to time wear, so it is not a surprise that one of its products tops the list of the best watches in the market. The Fossil Speedway Watch is a top choice for sports and leisure time wear. Coming in close second is the Skagen Men's Titanium Blue Sunray Dial. It combines elegance and usability with its contemporary and classic design at the same time. Omega Men's Seamaster rounds up the top three titanium watches. It is 100% scratch resistant, and it has that sapphire crystal look that is perfect for men of all ages.

If you want a watch that is durable, sturdy, stylish, and earth friendly, then titanium watches are surely the way to go. Buy one today.