Getting ready for your big day is extremely exciting! Yet, the many choices can be confusing too. That is why has created many wedding planning resources to make your wedding go smoothly and easily. We want you to be delighted with the beginning of your journey together. From picking out your rings to the timing of your vendors, here are many resources created to help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Answers to Questions on Wedding Ring
Suggestions and tips for buying wedding rings. Many commonly asked questions answered in detail such as what types of rings to buy, the best way to purchase rings and if a fake diamond is reasonable.

Diamond Buying Guide
Understand diamond quality to make wise purchases, how to evaluate a diamond, diamond treatments, and diamond care, as well as useful diamond resources.

Wedding Rings
Now that you have done your research, search our stores for the best ring for you! Nice ring sizer available too.

Engagement Rings
Engagement rings of all types.

Wedding Resources
More wedding jewelry & gifts, services, and directories. Wide selection; great information.

Wedding FAQ
Answers to many wedding questions. Good wedding etiquette. Learn what to buy.

Worksheet for Wedding Budgets
Properly budget for your wedding. Being financially prepared is a great way to start your life together.

Wedding Phone List
A simple phone list for contacting your wedding vendors. Helps keep stress down by helping you find numbers easily and quickly.

Wedding Planner
A nice timeline for your big day. Though you may want to change it to match your needs, it helps remind you of tasks most weddings have.