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How do I know what to buy for my wedding?

    A wedding gift is treasured for a lifetime. If you are a couple getting married, plan your budget first. If you decide how much you are willing to spend before shopping, you will be able to resist the pressure to buy something outside of your price range. Sometimes, you can find items at discount places or pre-owned if required. Shopping around and avoiding impulse buys usually saves money.

What do I buy participants in my wedding?

    It is customary to show your gratitude to each of your attendants for participating in your wedding day by giving them a small, memorable gift. Bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers typically receive identical gifts, while the honor attendants may be given something more distinctive. Examples include:
      Bridesmaids: Jewelry, jewelry box, music box and picture frames.
      Ushers: Writing implements, wallets or desk organizers.
      Children: Dolls, stuffed animals, jewelry or gift certificates.

How much should I spend on gifts for friends and relatives getting married?

    If you are not going to the couples wedding, you are not required to give anything. Minimally, sending a congratulations card is recommended. Traditionally, close friends and relatives send a gift.

    If you are going to the couples wedding, remember that it often costs the couple between $40-$100 per person who attends the wedding reception if it includes a formal meal. Because of this, a gift worth at least this much is considered reasonable. Close friends and relatives who can afford larger presents usually buy something more expensive.

How do I know what to buy for friends and relatives getting married?

    When you are buying a gift for a couple getting married, see if they are registered with a gift registry. This makes gift buying much easier. If they are not registered, here are some common suggestions:

    • Something long-lasting for the home: appliances, crystal, silver, linens
    • Something for their honeymoon: luggage, gift certificates
    • Gift certificates for favorite stores; cash

    I included cash since most couples really appreciate it. If you choose cash, you may wish to pick out a special card or write a personal letter.

What color theme works best?

    The color theme of your wedding should be colors you want to see on pictures throughout your lifetime. Though traditionally, they often match the season you are getting married in - what really matters is choosing a color that opens your heart. Choose a color that you enjoy.

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