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Jewelry Shows for the Jewelry Trade

My favorite trade show is Tucson. It is HUGE. If you haven't been there, go. You will find everything. However, have a list of what you want and your budget first.

We haven't been keeping up with listing wholesale shows, however many of the public gem and jewelry shows have a wholesale section. These are often worthwhile. Additionally, Tuscon in February generally is the biggest best show. There are thousands of booths. You can go to quartsite before as well. If you are only going to one show a year, Tuscon, AZ in February is where (and when) to go.

Getting The Most Out Of A Gem & Jewelry Show

Most people no matter how organized in their day to day life run around a Gem & Jewelry show aimlessly.

Often by the time they find what they are looking for (if they can remember what it is) are so fatigued, hungry, thirsty, sore footed, and bleary eyed that they can't make any decisions. It is truly a frustrating experience for them.

What they lack is planning, and I recommend the following:

  1. Great Footwear: Worlds most comfortable shoes
  2. Tools for Examining Stones and/or Jewelry: Glasses, magnifiers,loupes,optivisors and any other optical devices you might need to aid you in examining stones or jewelry construction. A small halogen flashlight also can help as lighting is not always optimal.
  3. Notepad, Pen, and Map: Pen & paper, a map of the show if available at the entrance. If you are given a quote write it down this can avoid confusion and bad feelings later. Also keep track of booth numbers and what they have that you are interested in. I am always amazed at the people who run around asking all the dealers "aren't you the one who had the ....." They want it but can't remember where it is or in the case of a great deal was.
  4. Color Matches and/or Samples: Color swatches, samples, pictures. If you're trying to match something bring it (unless its as big as an elephant). Most people do not remember a color exactly.
  5. Food & Water: I have never been to an exhibition hall, convention center or anywhere they have a show where the food is edible and fairly priced. You may also wish to bring a couple of pain relievers if you use them.
  6. Time: Give yourself enough times so you can take a break now and then. Relax.

The one thing I haven't dealt with is what to buy ..... and only you can tell that.