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People born between January 20th and February 18th are considered under the sign of Aquarius, according to most versions of Astrology. Here are beautiful pieces of jewelry they can celebrate when they were born.

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Aquarius Personality Traits

What is it about Aquarians that set them apart from the rest? One of the most prized Aquarius characteristics is their creativity. Sometimes, this can lead to them being labelled as oddballs but it doesn't matter because Aquarians embrace their uniqueness. Their creativity naturally translates into a love for the arts.

Aquarians come up with plenty of great ideas but they have some difficulty seeing it through. Because of this, they can even be branded as unreliable. Even so, they are good leaders and motivators.

They are compassionate and many of them will not think twice about volunteering for a noble cause. Aquarians have the distinct ability to be involved in potentially emotionally draining work but still remain distant emotionally. This talent for separating themselves from the situation can be beneficial in some cases, particularly the more stressful ones.

Some Aquarians are timid and perceptive while others can be more boisterous. In any case, most Aquarians tend to have a strong will. Another trait they have in common is a deep loyalty towards their friends. If they feel that you have betrayed them, however, they are not forthcoming with forgiveness. Their wrath is not an easy thing to face, either.

Aquarians are generally fun-loving individuals who love to spend time with other people. When it comes to their friends and acquaintances, Aquarians do not limit themselves to a specific type, as evidenced by the wide array of friends who hail from different backgrounds. But even though they have many friends, there are few of them with whom Aquarians will share a deep bond with. This is so that they do not run the risk of sacrificing their independence. This also applies to their romantic relationships.

Aquarians are very independent individuals. When you add that to their ability to be emotionally removed from situations, it can cause trouble with their relationships.

Another of the Aquarius characteristics that can present a challenge is their unpredictability. Their almost flighty nature causes them to be a bit scatter-brained at times.

Aquarians are honest people and they love to talk but some have a difficulty censoring their selves which can offend their more thin-skinned counterparts. There are also some Aquarians who have a tendency to be too proud or boastful which some people can find annoying.

An Aquarian's stubbornness can lead to him or her being labelled as defiant but this characteristic plays a role in the more endearing Aquarius characteristics. For example, they love to debate and argue their point. They can be stubborn about this but they know when they are beaten and are willing to change their minds if they are proven wrong. But even if your proof is not enough to convince them, they can see things objectively enough because they can separate their emotions from their opinion.

Aquarians also crave excitement in their lives and will easily get bored without a mental challenge. This is expected since they are typically intelligent people and have a rational, open-minded way of thinking.