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People who are born between June 21 and July 22 are under the Cancer zodiac sign, which is depicted by a Crab. It is the fourth zodiac sign, and its ruling planet is the Moon. According to Greek mythology, the Cancer, represented by a Crab, was sent by the godess Hera to battle Hercules. During the struggle, the Crab was said to have injured Hercules at the ankles, but was squashed to death with Hercules' foot. As a reward, Hera was said to have sent the Crab to heaven.

If you are looking to start new conversations or lighten up tensions, sometimes a bit of zodiac jewelry can help you talk about something different.

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Cancer Personality Traits

Those with Cancer zodiac sign are said to be emotional, and are very caring. They have a loving character and they tend to value relationships with family and friends than achieving fame or wealth. They are usually pet lovers. They are also said to be prone to mood swings -- happy and energetic now, depressed and quiet later. They tend to hide their feelings and fears by becoming humorous. Cancerians are vulnerable and are easily hurt. When they are hurt, they tend to isolate themselves and one cannot contact them. With their mood swings, they tend to snap at anything for no reason, and change to his normal mood in an instant.

Secrets are safe with people under the Cancer zodiac sign, which is the reason people are comfortable to confide with Cancerians. However, they themselves do not share their secrets and personal lives with others.

Cancerians care about people and are helpful, but when they see that someone else can help, they do not step in. Rather, they wait until they are sure that nobody else will help, only then do they come to the rescue.

Negative traits of those with a Cancer zodiac sign include being untidy, moody, pessimistic and tactless. They try to please others, as opinion of the majority affects their decision-making. They can also be deceiving at times and lack stability since they are easily influenced.

Job Tendencies

Occupations that fit individuals under this sign are mostly those that deal with people and what people think, including journalism, politics and writing. Although they may not become politicians themselves, but supporters of one. They are good at organizing. They may also be involved with social work, nursing -- anything that entails caring for others. Cancerians can also be excellent homemakers and chefs. They are also inclined to venture into business and trade.

Compatible People with Those Born under the Sign of Cancer

On matters of compatibility, Cancerians are best suited with their fellow Cancerian, or with Scorpios. They can be good friends with Virgos or those born under the sign of Taurus. People under the Cancer zodiac sign are incompatible with those under Aries, Gemini or Libra. They may have a difficult relationship with those with zodiac under Sagittarius and Pisces. Cancerians are said to be very possessive because of their extreme devotion to their mate. They find it hard to let go when a relationship ends, and would be willing to suffer in a relationship that.s no longer working, than leave the person they love.

Famous People Born under the Sign of Cancer

Some of the famous people born under the Cancer zodiac sign are: the Dalai Lama, actors Robin Williams and Sylvester Stallone, actress Phoebe Cates, author Helen Keller, artist Rebrandt, musician and member of the legendary Beatles - Ringo Starr, and writer Ernest Hemingway.