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Though sources vary, most agree that the date range for Capricorn is: Dec. 22-Jan. 19. For people born during this special time, one can find out if they have common Capricorn traits and if what people say is true. This can be a fun game or serious business depending who you converse with - but in either case, it can be a way of sharing ideas and concepts allowing you to get a little bit closer in some way.

Zodiac jewelry can be that good luck charm that helps you start conversations, gives you something to say when conversations are stalled or simply be a fun accessory.

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Capricorn Personality Traits

If you observe your Capricorn acquaintances, you will notice several personality traits that they have in common. For one thing, Capricorns seem to be born mature, that is, even as children, they act like adults. This sense of responsibility seems to be the most basic of the Capricorn traits.

Capricorns are generally hardworking, disciplined and have a good work ethic. When it comes to their goals, they aim high and they usually succeed. This is mostly because they have everything planned out from the beginning and they are very stubborn when it comes to getting their way. At work, they set high standards for themselves and the people who work for them. But even with their ambitious inclination, they are quite patient when it comes to reaching their goals.

You can rely on them for almost anything, especially since they take their responsibilities very seriously. This means that once they start a task, they do whatever it takes to finish it. Sometimes, however, this can cause them to neglect not only their loved ones but themselves as well. On the bright side, when Capricorns make promises, they tend to keep it.

Capricorns are quite rational and level-headed and they think things through before deciding which option to pursue. Capricorns are also very practical and sensible and along with their status, their hard work also allows them to gain wealth.

One of the best, if not relatively hidden Capricorn personality traits, is their wicked sense of humour that is witty and at times biting but always hilarious and timely.

When it comes to the more negative Capricorn traits, the first on the list is their tendency to be a tad pessimistic which can sometimes result in depression. Their practicality can also reach a point that they are considered stingy. This practicality bordering on stinginess stems from their desire for security in their life. However, when it comes to their duties and their families, Capricorns can be self-sacrificing.

Capricorns tend to care a lot about the opinions of others so it.s no surprise that they hate being teased or humiliated in public. They also do not like feeling inept or helpless. This can cause them to feel bad about themselves and when depression hits, it can tend towards the extreme. And if you anger a Capricorn, beware. Not only do they have a tendency to hold a grudge, they are also formidable enemies.

Another Capricorn characteristic is the fact that they can be guarded. They value their privacy and so they are branded as loners. It is not easy for them to open up to people, which is part of the reason why they generally don.t have a lot of close friends but the few friendships that they do have, usually last their whole life. If you have a close Capricorn friend, you.ll know that when it comes to their friends and loved ones, Capricorns are very loyal and are quite protective. They do not abandon their friends easily, even in, and especially during times of crisis.