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People born between July 23 and August 22 belong to the zodiac sign Leo, and is represented by a Nemean Lion. According to greek mythology, the Nemean Lion was sent by the godess Hera to put Hercules to the test. Hercules could not kill the beast with arrows because of its thick skin, but was able to choke the animal with his bare hands. Afterwards, Hercules used the lion's skin as his protection from other enemies. Leo is the fifth among the zodiac signs, and is ruled by the Sun.

Zodiac jewelry is a fun way to express yourself. It makes a great birthday gift. Even if one doesn't follow astrology, it can be fun to share.

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Leo Profiles

The Leo profile reveals that people under this sign are born leaders, strong willed and are extroverts. They do portray the lion.s character of being independent, courageous, confident, dominant and ambitious. They have the capability to revolt against an existing system. As leaders, they have focus and are goal oriented. They know what they want and how to get it. This draws people to be loyal to Leo's. Even when there are stumbling blocks, they are able to recover and move forward. Leo's want to be the center of attention, and are always identified as the one who stands out.

Some negative aspects of the Leo profile include their arrogant personality, being self-centered and greedy, and their tendency to lose their temper. When they believe in something, they cling to these beliefs in an extreme manner that anyone who challenges them gets a taste of the lion.s temper. They love being in the limelight and having power. Leo's are lustful . both materially and sexually. Their pride leads to boastfulness, which results to people being repulsive towards Leo's.

The Leo profile further shows that as natural leaders, they tend to occupy top positions in any government or company. They do not like doing manual labor, and they would rather delegate these tasks to other people. They can also become actors, focusing more on serious roles. Leo's also have the potential to become musical maestros. Women with Leo profile can also become good social workers.

Compatibility with Leo

As lovers, Leo's have a very strong sex drive, which leads them to be involved in multiple love affairs. They are devoted and passionate to their lovers, but only while the loving feeling lasts. The best partner for a Leo is an Aries because they somewhat have similar characteristics. However, when things get rough, Leos and Aries. will find it challenging to maintain the relationship. Pisces can also be a great match for Leo's. Pisces, like Leo's, are devoted lovers. They tend to pamper their partners too much as their expression of love. Because of their devotion, Leo's become too bitter and hold grudges long after a relationship has failed. They expect the same loyalty and devotion from their mates.

Famous People Born Under the Sign of Leo

Some of the famous personalities under the zodiac sign Leo are: wrestler Hulk Hogan, actor Robert Redford, US Presidents Herbert Hoover and Bill Clinton, US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, astronaut Neil Armstrong, singer Whitney Houston, industrialist Henry ford, and political leader Fidel Castro. You will notice that all of them are leaders, pioneers and are institutions in their respective fields.