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According to most zodiac charts, people born between February 19 and March 20 are Pisces. These lovable people are worth celebrating. We don't know if every person born under Pisces enjoy Zodiac signs be many do. As such, a personalized gift of pisces-themed jewelry could be exactly what they are wanting.

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Pisces Personality Traits

Pisceans have a charismatic personality. Aside from that, what are the other Pisces characteristics that make them so lovable?

Pisceans have a very compassionate nature. This allows them to better understand other people and their motivations. Consequently, they are also tactful in their dealings with other people, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. They want to make life better for others, particularly those who are downtrodden. They are also generous, sometimes to the point where others can abuse their generosity.

Pisceans are romantics at heart. In their relationships, they are loyal and devoted to their loved ones and their friends.

Pisceans are believed to be spiritual individuals who are thought to have a stronger connection with the spirit world than any other sign. Pisceans are also quite creative. Many of them are born with artistic talents that manifest themselves through various art forms.

Other Pisces characteristics include friendliness, a laid-back attitude and the ability to adjust to any situation easily. All of these things contribute to the popularity of Pisceans, especially since their non-aggressive nature appeases take-charge individuals. When it comes to their work, Pisceans do better in settings wherein they can either work on their own or under the direct supervision of someone else. This may have to do with their anxiety about disappointing other people, especially when they do so in a leadership capacity.

Pisceans can be very emotional and because they have a tendency to take other people.s burden onto themselves, along with their own problems, they can become quite distressed. In fact, they are so mindful of other people's feelings that it is not uncommon for them to feel extreme guilt when they believe that they have harmed or offended anyone, thus adding to their emotional stress.

Emotions play an important role in their decisions and they rely on them more than they do logical reasoning. Thus, they may appear as wishy-washy since their decisions, opinions, moods and even their personality can change from one day to the next. Their indecisiveness however, can often also result from their ability to see both sides of an issue.

Negative Pisces characteristics also include their reserved nature and their occasional inability to stand up for themselves. Because of their trusting nature, they find it hard to accept it when they realize that other people can take advantage of their charity. And even when they get hurt, they do not fight back although in some instances, they learn to be more discerning about who they can trust. Their inclination to put others before themselves can sometimes result in disastrous personal consequences, specifically if they do not take better care of themselves.

They may also have difficulty concentrating which can be misconstrued as laziness. Some Pisceans actually have a tendency to drift off into their own world on occasion, in an attempt to escape from the harsher conditions around them. Don't be fooled by this part of their personality, however. Pisceans are quick-witted individuals who are actually quite aware of their surroundings.