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People born under Sagittarius are born between November 22st and December 21st. Sagittarius-themed jewelry is beautiful and makes wonderful gifts whether earrings, pendants, bracelets or charms.

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Sagittarius Traits

Learning Things From Experience

Half man and half animal, particularly a horse, represents the symbol of Sagittarius. This symbol is more popularly known to be the Centaur. Why this character came into being can be paralleled to that of what a typical Sagittarius would seek and that is "what lies beyond". Dissecting the symbol itself, the rear of the creature is that of a horse's body while the front is spearheaded by human form. This is because it seeks what else is there aside from the animal instinct or state. This gives satisfaction to a Sagittarian.

Love of Learning

Taking things into a little less complicated position, Sagittarius traits are dominated by learning about what can possibly happen after experiencing a certain occurrence or situation. For them, nothing will be discovered if no personal effort to seek and figure out is performed. This is where the trait .fun. comes into existence. Sagittarians are one of those whom you would most likely want to hang out to experience adventure and discovery of new things. They are risk takers and seem to have nothing to loose when they are itching to aim for what they want. With this fact, most people who are under this sign love to gamble. literally and figuratively. With such character they enjoy their state of freedom which may come to a point that relationships maybe a little neck grabbing for them.

Since the term "relationship" is mentioned, Sagittarius traits are best exhibited by those who are single. Sagittarians love to party around, be on the go, and do some flirting with other people. Aside from this, they enjoy the company of good friends, making new friends, and the taste of a luxurious lifestyle. Self-indulgence is of the Sagittarius traits that may be a found trouble when it comes to relationship talks although no one has been advised not to date or go out with a Sagittarian. As their own trait goes, "it's your own risk to take".

When it comes to the work industry, expect Sagittarians to be the one who mixes with the crowd and does not often want to take the lead. Though mediocrity is not in their blood, they would do what they know they must do and would refuse to be appointed or given responsibility. In terms of working with others, Sagittarians are good natured and looks at the brighter side of things when trouble threatens to come in. Also, unusual ideas are liked by Sagittarians, this works hand in hand with their optimism, viewing a much better possibility through risks. Now who wouldn't hire a Sagittarian?

Looking at the Sagittarius traits upside down, here are some of the things that they often dislike:

Disapproval and being refused

-These are the two things that they fear encountering the most especially in front of a big crowd or the public. For this reason, it can be tracked and connected to the trait on why they do not want to be given responsibility.

Confinement and Monotony

-Sagittarians think out of the box. Going with the same thing over and over again is not what they were made for. One may also find that playing safe is the last thing they would do given a certain task.

Tight clothes and areas

-Talking health wise, it may be possible that most people who have claustrophobia or fear of being in a tight or enclosed space are Sagittarians.