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People born under Scorpio are born between October 23rd and November 22nd. As expected, Scorpio jewelry often features it's namesake, the scorpion. Scorpio themed jewelry is commonly worn by both men and women.

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Scorpio Traits

Comparison of the personality traits of people living under the sign of Scorpio to Librans are a common item. This is because both have the knack for being strong willed in pursuing what they are focused on. However, what sets them apart from each other is the mere focus itself. At a bird's eye view, people born in the sing of Libra are mostly those who posses the "ideal" way of thinking and doing things to pursue what they think and feel are ideal. For Scorpions, it is more of the other way around; how reality works if where they set their eyes on.

Now you may think that Scorpio traits are more like the "go with the flow" type of personality. This may be often mistaken for that but really they are far alike from it. Scorpions tend to dominate almost in any situation. They like to be in a higher position in which they are the ones who are listened to and the ones who knows a almost about anything. No wonder, when you come to learn about the astrological readings of a Scorpio when it comes to its compatible jobs, these are the ones that would appear:

  • A work under any field of science
  • Specializing in medicine
  • Being in the military
  • Working for the government
  • Engineer
  • Police
  • Managing a corporation

Looking at these job descriptions, one can say that Scorpions are very much driven, determined, and strong willed in their tasks.

Going back to Scorpio traits, there are things that Scorpions like to do that others may find annoying, weird, or awkward. In a workplace, if your boss was born under this zodiac, then do expect him to boss around, be meticulous and investigative on your moves or performance at work. Also, hanging around with a Scorpio may have moments where you get into debates, intellectual conversations, and sharing secrets. One of the Scorpio traits that would have you arguing with one another is their knack for making others angry. For some weird reason, they like this type of attitude as it appears to be some kind of natural push.

On the other side of things, Scorpions do not like the taste of their own medicine. Meaning, they dislike people with traits that can be also found on their own. These are much in the likes of being analyzed, know-it-all, personal questions, and show offs. If you are having trouble making friends with someone, perhaps the problem is coming from that person and not from you, unless you are the Scorpion or both of you are. Scorpions are not that reactive and is a bit in discomfort in the presence of strangers.

As emotional reality flows strongly in the veins of a Scorpio, feelings can be intense and immediate reactions can be exhibited in a snap. Expect people under this sign to really have an appropriate reaction to any situation, especially on inconvenience. So before you plan to connect with someone under this zodiac, be mindful of the traits that the person has so as to prevent some sort of "culture shock".