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The zodiac sign of people born from April 20 to May 20 is Taurus, which is depicted by the Bull. It is the second sign in the zodiac, and is ruled by the planet Venus. For those that enjoy discussing and reading astrology, some zodiac jewelry makes a great gift.

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Taurus Characteristics

Positive characteristics of Taurus include their being charming and warm-hearted. They are aggressive most of the time. They are dedicated and determined, and are willing to work hard for the things they enjoy and believe in. They do the work right, without seeking for shortcuts, or an easy way out. They practice discipline, and are usually meticulous in their tasks. They exude a strong personality, which conveys stability and security in everything they do. They can be depended upon by friends and family in times of need -- they are trustworthy and reliable, and are able to keep secrets. People under this sign have a high self-esteem, and they delight in their own beauty. Women in particular excel in fields of cosmetics. Taurus' are also creative and artistic, and are mostly inclined to music. Taurus' love to eat, drink and pamper themselves.

As lovers, Taurus' are romantic, sensual and affectionate, but sometimes reaches the extreme of becoming possessive, suffocating one.s partner. They are very loyal, faithful and patient. They want to be close to their partners and be touched.

Negative characteristics of Taurus consist of being overindulgent, self-centered and stubborn. They can be viewed as rebellious with their stubbornness. While they do not get angry easily, once they do, they become infuriated and everyone will definitely feel it. They are capable of violent outbursts and tantrums, although this happens rarely. They can be resentful at times, especially when they have lost their patience. The characteristic of Taurus that shows a disciplined nature may also become extreme, developing into an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Taurus' do not like it when they are forced or rushed in their tasks. They dislike changes and disruptions. They want focus and constancy. They are usually traditional and conservative, and do not take risks.

Ideal careers for those under the Taurus zodiac include professions related to money management such as banking and investments, those related to logic like engineering and the field of computers, and the arts. They can also be musicians and artists. Their love of food encourages them to learn and pursue cooking. Inclination to agriculture, horticulture and gardening manifests in some Taurus'. Because of the characteristic of Taurus of having discipline and eye for detail, they can also serve well as managers, and survive any type of bureaucracy.

Taurus' are compatible with people born under the signs Capricorn, Virgo and with the same sign, Taurus. They can also be matched with those born under Pisces and Cancer. The characteristic of Taurus of being stubborn is shared with Leo, therefore couples with these signs should make an effort to understand and accept each other for their relationship to last. With Aquarius, they are able to establish long-term ties, but will have to be more understanding of each other.s perspectives. Taurus usually develops complicated relationships with Scorpios.

Some of the famous personalities under this sign are Sigmund Freud and Jack Nicholson.