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People born between August 23 and September 22 are under the zodiac sign Virgo, depicted by a virgin. It is the sixth zodiac, and its ruling planet is Mercury. According to Greek mythology, the constellation Virgo honors the daughter of Zeus, Godess Astraea, which was sent to teach the mortals the laws of the Golden Age. However, the mortals started to disobey the laws, which pushed Astraea to leave the mortals behind.

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Virgo Personality Traits

The dominant personality of Virgo is their shyness and modesty. They are methodical, analyzing every aspect before making a decision. They rarely indulge, and if they do, it is a result of a hard and long assessment. They are practical especially on money matters. Virgos are reliable friends, and do acts of service even if it.s uncalled for. They are courageous, making them ideal heroes and heroines.

As the personality of Virgo reflects chastity, people under this sign are simple and decent. They have superior intelligence, but are not boastful. They are diplomatic, making them peacemakers, and are cool and reserved. Virgos are good conversationalists, which makes it interesting for people to get to know them. They are slow to anger, and would rather think things through rather than argue at the heat of the moment. Virgos are known to be intuitive and can feel and identify the motive of other people. They are good listeners, and are able to look at things objectively and set aside their personal opinions and feelings.

Common Professions

Most people with the personality of Virgo become scientists and mathematicians. They can also be doctors, teachers, psychiatrists, musicians, writers, public speakers and critics. Virgos make better followers or subordinates than leaders. They can also be good accountants and bookkeepers, since they are prudent and are inclined to statistics.

The negative personality of Virgo include their being too perfectionist. They tend to find fault in anything, and can become naggers when they cannot get a person to keep things in order. Because of their focus on analysis, they tend to worry too much even about trivial matters, analyzing every detail. They want to be sure about something before acting on it, making them prone to procrastination, delaying projects until later, and sometimes, that .later. never comes. Virgo.s attention to detail creates in them an obsessive compulsive behavior. They want everything in order, and they panic when things are not. Their perfectionist personality sometimes hinders other people from having a close relationship with Virgos, and they interpret it as indifference.


The personality of Virgo is most compatible with Pisces, and are able to develop a deep relationship, like having a soul mate. Virgos should avoid getting romantically involved with people under the Aquarius sign. It will be difficult to communicate with an Aquarius, and there will be conflicts on who should lead the relationship.

Famous People Who Are Virgos

Some of the famous personalities under the Virgo zodiac sign are: Yasser Arafat - a known political figure, writer Stephen King, actors Michael Keaton and Bill Murray, boxer Rocky Marciano, singer Michael Jackson, the known living saint Mother Teresa, and US President William H. Taft.